Town of Oakdale

Monroe County, Wisconsin

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Township of Oakdale

At the May 8th, 2017 the following Summer Sealcoating Road improvement projects were approved by the Board for the Town of Oakdale:

-Holly Ave from CA to Gordy K - $13,036

-Hoover Rd from Holly to Cty N - $29,672

-Hobby Rd entire length - $2,635

-Gypsum Ave from Grover to East - $12,078

-Gypsum Ave the N-S portion - $7,555

-Horizon Ave from Cty W to Hoffman - $41,833

-Horizon Ave from Hoffman to West - $8,067

Total 2017 Sealcoating Expenditures Approved:  $114,926

The projects are estimated to be started at the end of May.

​At the April 4th, 2017 Spring Election  the Town of Oakdale Board Supervisors elected were as follows:

Town Board Chairperson …………..Jerry Bloom
Town Board Supervisor ……………Terry Tiber
Town Board Supervisor …………....Gary Dechant

All terms are for two years beginning on April 20, 2017.

The Township has a population of 791 as of 2016 and is located in Monroe County, Wisconsin.  The Village of Oakdale resides within the boundaries of the Town of Oakdale.