At the May 8th, 2017 the following Summer Sealcoating Road improvement projects were approved by the Board for the Town of Oakdale:

-Holly Ave from CA to Gordy K - $13,036

-Hoover Rd from Holly to Cty N - $29,672

-Hobby Rd entire length - $2,635

-Gypsum Ave from Grover to East - $12,078

-Gypsum Ave the N-S portion - $7,555

-Horizon Ave from Cty W to Hoffman - $41,833

-Horizon Ave from Hoffman to West - $8,067

Total 2017 Sealcoating Expenditures Approved:  $114,926

The projects are estimated to be started at the end of May.

​At the April 4th, 2017 Spring Election  the Town of Oakdale Board Supervisors elected were as follows:

Town Board Chairperson …………..Jerry Bloom
Town Board Supervisor ……………Terry Tiber
Town Board Supervisor …………....Gary Dechant

All terms are for two years beginning on April 20, 2017.

Office Hours

Monday - Friday

9am - Noon


Township of Oakdale

The Township has a population of 791 as of 2016 and is located in Monroe County, Wisconsin.  The Village of Oakdale resides within the boundaries of the Town of Oakdale.

Town of Oakdale

Monroe County, Wisconsin