Town of Oakdale

Monroe County, Wisconsin

Natural Gas Emergencies


Digger Hotline


WildCat Bluff / Jerry Pientok CUP Application from 11/30/18

-Fill out a Driveway Permit if a Driveway is not currently there.

-Driveways off of County Roads require a driveway permit from the County

-Driveways off of Town Roads require a permit from the Town

The Town of Oakdale has adopted the Monroe County Zoning Ordinance

Zoning Permits are required for all construction and must be obtained from the Monroe County Zoning Dept


Building Permits are required in addition to zoning permits for building any 1-2 family dwelling or any construction over $30,000.  Building permits may be obtained through Building Inspector Larry Gilles from Lakeside Inspections at:


Forms are available at:

Burning Permits for residents in the Town of Oakdale may only be obtainted at:

1-888-wis-burn  (947-2876)  or

Applying for a Residential Address

     -Obtain form from Monroe County Office of Land information for an Address Application