Town of Oakdale

Monroe County, Wisconsin

Office Hours

Monday - Friday

6PM - 8PM or upon request


We have 49 chairs and 12 tables

Town Hall

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Upcoming Reservations

Town Hall Available for rental again beginning June 1st, 2021

Masks are RECOMMENDED but not required.

Upcoming 2022 Reservations:

January 22nd - Schroeder

June 11th - Gabower

July 30th - Phillips

The Town Hall may be rented by Town of Oakdale and Village of Oakdale residents  by contacting Clerk Alex Wilson.  Our latest additions to the Town Hall are touchless faucets and hand dryers in the bathrooms.

Rent is:

$60 / day from May 1 thru August 31

$75 / day from September 1 thru April 30.   

There is a $50 deposit required which is returned if hall is left in satisfactory condition.  Cleanup is the responsibility of the party renting the hall.